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Cindy Small



CINDY SMALL graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Masters in Historic Preservation Studies. Her story was taken from her manuscript “Family Sequins.” Cindy’s specialty is humorous dark vignettes about her train wreck of a life. Her vignettes are all about outrageous hair, messy make-up, Tammy Faye lips, eliminating the five o’clock shadow and sparkling personalities. If you’re fussy about a bad hair day and pantyhose puts you in a bad mood, her stories of humor mixed with arsenic will make you feel fabulous. In addition to working at UAHuntsville, AL, she also writes a weekly Spotlight column for The Decatur Daily in Decatur, AL. Cindy is always on the prowl seeking a literary agent that represents her manuscript of bizarre real life experiences laced with outrageous humor.